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Representatives from the 2020-21 Board Jumpstart the Production of the first BLISS-Affiliated Publication.

The Black Literature and Arts Collective publication is a magazine that focuses on centering the Black experience at independent school and around the world by publicizing and featuring content made by Black creators. The work of journalists, creative writers, photographers, videographers, and visual artists will be published through both virtual and print issues throughout the year. The leaders of this initiative, Alana Dowdell '23 and Sydney Jean '23, are current students at The Hotchkiss School and describe the need for this new publication: "For decades, boarding school has been an isolating experience for Black students. 'BLAC' is our way of giving students within our community the stage to showcase their talent in areas where they may otherwise be overlooked. The magazine acts as a platform for Black students to connect with each other, and helps students connect with professionals and gain exposure." Over the next couple of weeks the BLAC Editors in Chief will be accepting applications to be part of their leadership team under various positions. If you want to submit content into the publication there is also the option to do so under that form throughout the year. Before the first issue of this magazine is released, BLAC will be posting interactive quizzes, games, challenges, sneak peaks and polls several times throughout the week on their instagram account: @blac.magazine.