For any additional inquiries, please reach out to contact@blissummit.org

What is BLISS?

BLISS is a student-led initiative to create solidarity, connection, conversation, and friendship, and support between Black students in independent schools.

Who runs BLISS?

High school students! We intend to provide for Black students from a perspective that is most familiar with the context of our goals.

When/where do you host the conference?

BLISS runs a conference called BLISSummit. The in-person conference is rotated among independent high schools on a yearly basis. BLISSummit may be held in the fall or spring.

Can I promote BLISS on social media?

Yes! Feel free to hype anything we have shared on this website or on our socials.

How do I get involved in leadership?

At the beginning of every academic year (or season as we like to call it), we run a leadership application cycle, open to students and alumni of any class year. If you did not apply for or receive the desired position during this time, and you would still like to get involved, please reach out to contact@blissummit.org with your concern.

How do I get my school involved?

If we haven't already reached out to your school, or if you're unsure about your school's involvement in BLISS, feel free to fill out the inquiry form on our home page. You can also email contact@blissummit.org to speak with our team.

I'm not Black. Can I still participate?

Of course - there are many ways for non-Black individuals to get involved with BLISS. While the conference is centered around Black students, we invite non-Black individuals to promote BLISS among peers and on social media, engage in our Resource Kit and fundraisers, and interact with BLAC., our student-led publication. If you have any questions on how to get involved, or if you have any suggestions, please email contact@blissummit.org.

Is BLISS for Hotchkiss students?

We often receive this question due to our "blue" branding and large Hotchkiss participation, but we assure you that BLISS was created for all Black students within all independent schools! You can hold leadership positions, participate in our events, or even host the conference at YOUR school without being affiliated with The Hotchkiss School. As we move towards the future, we hope to further expand our domain outside of Lakeville, CT!